About us

Chanakya news, the new age Malayalam news and entertainment channel, which focuses on upkeeping the core Indian values, has certain unique characteristics of its own. As a channel powered by the people, viewers form the driving force behind Chanakya news. It is this assurance that the channel brings forth to the public.

Our team of well qualified journalists and staff eagerly work together to make an environment that comfortable for all readers and viewers. Readers tune into Chanakya News for its unbiased reportage and its strong advocacy for the rights underprivileged and the marginalised
Chanakya News is available in YouTube and Facebook across the nation,
Chanakya news is committed to promoting national values and our culture. The channel stands for ‘Chanakya news’, which means PEOPLE, and is owned by CN MULTIMEDIA from Kerala

Chanakya news, noted for it’s nationalistic conviction was inaugurated by Union Minister V. Muraleedharan, and channel logo was switched on by the MLA Pc. George.

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